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Bidi at play

Bidi January 8, 2014. She has a favourite toy which is a hazelnut. Amber has caught the spirit of the game and they chase after the hazelnut so fast my camera is left with just a tail or nothing at all.

Moses had a favoutite hazelnut too. Bidi picks hers up in her mouth and carries it to a spot where she proceeds to bat it, more often than not using her right paw, again like Moses.
The hazelnut causes much time wasting as we rescue it from under a couch, chair, fridge, dishwasher and the door etc. We have lost several in a door cavity. My friend brought Bidi down a supply of walnuts but Bidi prefers a hazelnut.

Bidi & Amber January 10, 2014. I didn't expect to see them interacting so well. Tonight Bidi jumped up to where Amber was sleeping, tucked herself in beside him and he reached around and gave her a good head wash.

Amber is a big cat compared to ten week old Bidi and we do watch when they are playing because of the size difference. Amber has come from being a terrified dumped cat to a well adjusted and very loving house cat and amazingly has been absolutely wonderful with Bidi.

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