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Black Pearl the Tonkinese cat

We bought Black Pearl because we felt Bidi needed a friend her own age to play with and both kittens get on really well together. Pearl has won our hearts and amused us with her character.

Pearl was collected on February 19, 2014, from Pauline Halcombe who has bred Tonkinese at Waimate. Pearl's mother was half Tonkinese as her father was a tabby, but Pearl was fathered by a Tonk so she is 3/4 Tonk. Pearl is ebony, but sometimes when the sun lights up her coat she gleams with a reddish brown tint as if she has a colour wash. Her coat is very silky, fine and beautifully shiny.

She was born on November 4, 2013 so is one week younger than Bidi. Pearl was timid at first but is now most affectionate. It just took a couple of days for her to settle in.

All the cats love Amber and he loves having a family.

Amber is now ‘St’. Amber. He got very little shut eye during the day as Bidi is so full of energy and kept at him to play. Pearl, as you can see is also loved by Amber.


She fetches! It is her favourite game and I no sooner throw her favourite toy mouse than she has brought it back and dropped it by me to throw again. Pearl has green eyes but the camera did not show that well in the middle photo below. Pearl lost her grey mouse but our granddaughter sent new toys from Melbourne and Pearl chose a new mouse