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Ernestine and Rosalie


Boru Rosalie Reg. JY93/1075/3NZ DOB 30/11/93 Colour fawn (Deceased)
Rosalie was Ernestine's last live foal and when she was 14 months old she went to live with friends for the following 11 years. I bought her back and we spent nearly two wonderful years together before a rare event caused her to be put down on February 23, 2008

In October 2006 the Timaru Herald took the photo of Rosalie (above) when we had a practice walk on Caroline Bay a week before we gave rides to children to raise money for the Donkey & Mule Protection Trust and to celebrate the International Day of the Donkey. It was on their front page!

Donkeys came from Oamaru and Ashburton, onto the sand. The idea came from seeing a painting at the Aigantighe Art Gallery called 'The Unemployed' 1912 by William Greene depicting four donkeys waiting for rides on the beach

Rosalie led the donkeys onto the Bay.

All the donkeys enjoyed the sand and most had a roll afterwards.

On our day six donkeys were kept busy for over 2-1/2 hours.

These photos were taken shortly after she came back to me in May, 2006.

Donkeys need shelter from rain and plenty of roughage in their diet. Well harvested course hay such as mature grass, without any mustiness or mould, is ideal.

My mother with Rosalie as a foal in 1993.

My father with Ernestine and her first foal Boru Joseph Reg. JK84/574/1 in October 1991.

Ernestine gave rides to children at a Church function in 1993. She was a strong free-moving donkey and I needed help to hold her on this occasion.

I used to ride her down to the Woodbury store at a walk and she walked very quietly.

Lea with Loburn Ernestine as a foal with her mother Linewan Merindah at Dr. Godfrey's, Lowburn.

Boru Rosalie's Pedigree