Some History of
The Church of The Immaculate Conception - Geraldine

Established 1884

‘Fairies’ - All Hallows School, Geraldine


‘Fairies’ - All Hallows School, Geraldine

Back Row from left to right: Clare Judkins, Kathrine McLarin, Margaret Goodwin, Lucy Goodwin, Janet Morris, Mary South. Middle Row: from left to right: Marlene Benbow, Jeanette Webb, Eileen Kerr, Marilyn Vickary, Margaret Gresham, Noelle Judkins, Mary Harris, Nora Hansen, Betty Judkins. Front row: from left to right:
Denise Sugrue, Dorothy Sugrue, Marie Gresham, Peter Kelland, Mary Lysaght, Lynette McCully.

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