Some History of
The Church of The Immaculate Conception - Geraldine



Altar boys

Father Fogerty

There is scarcely any need for a foreword for a publication of this kind. Perhaps one ought rather to apologize for offering it to the public.

That it is produced at all is due to the anxiety of many parishioners and friends that there should be some Souvenir of an historic occasion dear to the hearts of the people of Geraldine.

I take this opportunity of expressing my deepest gratitude to His Lordship, the Most Rev. Dr. Brodie, for his great kindness and generosity. I am also deeply grateful to the Priests of the Diocese for their encouragement and help. To the good people of the Parish of Geraldine I am extremely thankful for their loyalty, generosity and whole-hearted cooperation.
Our magnificent new church speaks for itself

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Matt Fogarty

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