Some History of
The Church of The Immaculate Conception - Geraldine

Father Vaughan

Father standing beside the Tabernacle

Father Vaughan, greets parishioners on the steps of the Church after a Sunday Mass.

Father Vaughan was a member of the St. Columban Mission Society and has worked in many places of the world. He was full of wisdom. Photos: Lea Hullett, 1995

Vaughan, John Dennis (Jack)

April 5, 1917

Born at Oamaru, Diocese of Dunedin, New Zealand. Of Dennis, Police Force and Rose Ann, nee McErlean.


Father Vaughan was the second eldest of seven children. 3 brothers, 3 sisters. Two became nuns. One a Mercy Sister, and another of the Little Sisters of the Poor

Education 1922-27


Primary - Public School Naseby New Zealand


Secondary - Christian Brothers School Dunedin, New Zealand

Work 1934-39

Post Office Clerk

Formation 1940-46


Essendon, Spiritual Year


Essendon, Philosophy


Werribee, Theology

August 1, 1946. Ordination at Dunedin by Auxiliary Bishop Hugh O'Neill


Appointed to Korea but failed to get Visa


Assistant 9 Months in Addington Parish, Christchurch Diocese.

China 1947-48

To go to Peking to study Chinese but nine months in Shanghai. Uncertain time. Appointments changed so half to go to Huchow and half to Japan.

Japan 1948-54

May 1948

Arrive in Japan

May 48

Yokohama, private language study and building parish house.

November 1949

Pastor Toshima, Regional Bursar

Janury 1951

Roppongi as Regional Bursar while building Columban Central House. Jim Doyle, a Bethlehem Father, was Director and architect. Dealing with fluctuations in money value and exchange rates a problem.

Movie Making 1954-70

January 1954

Photography work for Society in Australia


In Fiji taking stills and movies for promotion

May 1957

Film on Fiji vocations completed, ‘A Chosen Vessel’


Appointed to do film in Korea


US for equipment but movie van ruined on boat journey.

Febuary 1958

Seoul. Making movie of the death march of 50, working with Sean Dunne - story of the Church in Korea - a departure from the traditional descriptive film of missionary life, now requiring props, costumes and actors.

August 1960

English Daily Seoul ‘Epic Film Portrays Catholic History Here’

December 1960

US with film material, editing Korean films in LA while doing supply work in LA and San Francisco.

August 1963

Korean Epic is professional job. Pat O'Brien did epilogue and actor Greg Peck the narration. Contracts arise through Bishop Stewart's sister, ‘Red’, a religious and teach studio people's children from Desi-Lu

April 1964

RP to take movies


US for editing

September 1969

Writing script, expected to have Bing Crosbie as narrator but this did not eventuate.

ANZ 1971

Assigned to ANZ


Promotion in Queensland


Perth appeals


Supplies in NZ. Pastor Pahiattua, Palmerston North Diocese

1977-March 86

Superior Lower Hutt

March 1986

Supply, then pastor, Geraldine, Christchurch Diocese

1996 Celebrated Golden Jubilee Geraldine

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