Some History of
The Church of The Immaculate Conception - Geraldine

Established 1884

The Town of Geraldine

By Unknown Early Parish Priest - Father Fogarty Likely

I've roamed through many a distant land
through many a sunny clime
I dwelt in spots full truly grand
where nature shone sublime
But since I left my natural spot
in that dear old home of green
Not one has caught my heart so much
as this of Geraldine.

I love those hills and valleys too
those woods and pastures green
I love those brooks with mossy banks
neath the bush of Geraldine
I love those birds
with plumes so rich
and song much lovlier
They pour forth song from morn till night
The birds of Geraldine

Not least I like the good folk here,
Midst whom my lot is cast
United peaceful families
No nicer sight I have seen
That such in truth
I find they be
The folk in Geraldine

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