Some History of
The Church of The Immaculate Conception - Geraldine

Hibernian Society

Left to right: (Standing) Back row: P. Brophy, D. Sugrue, M. Markham, J. Brophy, J. Godsell, C. Birt, D. McKay, J. Campbell, W. Murphy, J. McAloon, J. O'Grady, E. A. O.Malley (P. P.) A. Lysaght.
Second row: J. Burns, P. Casey, J. Connolly (P. P.), J. Regan, G. Coulter, W. Buckley, W. Quaid, J. Baizeen, S. Brien, P. Brophy, L. White, J. Connell, W. Lyons, J. Charles, A. Lysaght, F. Charles, J. Kelligher, E. M'Cabe
Sitting: W. Burns, J. Coughlan, (Guardian), H. Herlihy (Warden), J. Gresham (P. P.), J. Kennedy, (P. P.) Secretary, Dean Bowers. Father McCarthy, J. Feely (President), J. Lysaght (Vice President), E. Murphy (Treasurer), T. Bryson (S. V.), A. White (S. V.), T. Charles, J. Markham.
Front row: C. Sugrue, E. Burke, D. Friel, L. Lysaght, P. Lyons, M. Brophy, J. Kelligher, G. Campbell, J. Guerin, M. Brophy, W. Earl, E. Burke, J. Mulvihill.

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