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Bishop Brodie's letter

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The Photo of Bishop Brodie (left of Father Fogerty) is part of the parish collection and was not part of the Souvenir

Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch, NZ.
September 24th 1936.

I heartily congratulate you and your parishioners of Geraldine on the great work accomplished in the erection of the new church, a work which will be brought to its happiest completion by the solemn dedication on All Saints Day.

For many years past, priests and people sighed for the day when the present building would give way to a structure in permanent material. Gifts and bequests established and augmented the funds for the purpose. Now it has called for your zeal and enthusiasm to make the final appeal, and to make it with such success that there is strong reason to hope that the church will be opened practically free of debt.

As Bishop of the Diocese of Christchurch, I rejoice at the triumph of the cause of our holy faith; I congratulate you and your parishioners on the success that crowned your united efforts, and I thank God, that in these days, when, on all sides, are heard lamentations of the decline of faith, we are confronted with such a striking proof of the vigour and vitality of the Catholic Faith in our young land.

May the triumph achieved in Geraldine be an inspiration to the whole diocese, and to all New Zealand, and encourage the efforts to which the priests and people must devote themselves in the great work of our Holy Faith throughout New Zealand.

Sincerest congratulations and choicest blessings to priest and people of Geraldine.,
Yours most sincerely in Christ.
Matthew J. Brodie,
Bishop of Christchurch

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